Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Cuban

Happy Which Wich Wednesday to all!

Today, Aby and I ventured into "Category 2: Ham & Pork" and chose "The [interestingly named] Cuban."

On first thought, I wondered, why does this sandwich have this name? Trying to think of something witty, I egregiously (or so I thought) exclaimed, "It's Which Wich a la Ricky Ricardo!"---only to find out 3 seconds later (when Aby corrected me) that Ricky Ricardo (the beloved I Love Lucy character) was in fact Puerto Rican. HOWEVER!!! After careful research and investigation, namely googling his name, Ricky Ricardo (in real life, Desi Arnaz) was in fact CUBAN. BAM.

That's not the point of this review though. And thinking that this sandwich was perhaps named after the prominent Dallasite Mark Cuban was even further from the truth behind this sandwich. THE POINT IS, that the staple ingredients in this potentially-witty sandwich are...well, historically Cuban. Apparently Cuban culture boasts and enjoys a special sandwich (kind of like a Mexican torta, but you know, different) that combines the following: roast pork, ham, and pickle. And that, my Which Wich friends, is exactly what The Cuban contains: pork, ham, and pickle. (I repeated the ingredients for special effect. Did it work? Can you imagine/wonder what these three ingredients could/can create?)

Onward then to the actual sandwich review!

The Cuban, as Aby created it.

Just like with The Turkeywich, Aby opted for the 7" wheat bread, toasted. Frankly, we prefer wheat to white just because it seems to add a richer taste to the overall sandwich. Now with regards to the other ingredients---since Aby had done a little of her own research to select the perfect ingredients for this sandwich---they all fall under the "safety blanket" of sandwich ingredients...Nothing extravagant or fancy. As Aby experienced The Cuban for the first time, we came to realize that you don't always need crazy ingredients to make a sandwich perfect.

The Cuban in 5 Senses

See: I think it's true what they say, a picture is worth 1000 words, so behold, The Cuban:

That awesome moment when you first open your Which Wich. Mmmmm.

The Cuban, and all its contents.

Definitely had to share the mid-cross-section of this beautiful sandwich.

Smell: {in Abyspeak, word-for-word}It smells good! {To which I asked, like what?} HIGH QUALITY HAM!---Note: I don't eat ham, so I can't say I'm a ham connoisseur, let alone know what good ham smells like, but I had to trust Aby on that answer. Hopefully, all you ham eaters out there know exactly what she's talking about and are in fact imagining and reminiscing about the BEST ham you've ever smelled...

Feel: {Abyspeak, again} I'm in love. The sandwich is soft, the only crunch comes from the veggies [i.e. the pickles, lettuce, tomatoes].---Oh yeah, the sandwich looked really soft and totally safe (as in, not too crunchy or uncomfortable with respect to opening your mouth and taking a bite hahahaha), so I can imagine it to be perfectly manageable in one's mouth.

Taste: {Abyspeak} The mayo and mustard combination with the pickle makes this sandwich DELECTABLE!---Whaaaaat? Aby truly used the word delectable.

Hear: Crunchy and crisp. Well, Which Wich veggies tend to be so fresh that they are always "crunchy and crisp!"

Getting a full sense of what this sandwich was like, I was curious---as usual---to see how this sandwich compared to the amazing Black Bean Patty sandwich. Aby responded, "I'm gonna have to say I might actually choose this one over the BBP (black bean patty, abridged). It tastes great! Perfect. Especially ideal for meat-eaters."

What could make The Cuban even better? Perhaps a little Mexican flare, per Abyspeak: "I would eat this again, but I would add jalapenos and spicy ingredients to enhance the flavor combination, maybe I would add some salsa Valentina...I wish I knew more words. Words cannot describe this sandwich. MmmmmmMmmmmmm."


Final Rating? 5 out 5 wiches :D


  1. Where are the rest of the sandwiches? There are only postings for 6 sandwiches!!!!

    1. Hi there!! We are currently working on starting up our research again so we can start sharing more Which Wich reviews!!! We hope you've been enjoying our past posts in the meantime!!