Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Turkeywich

Happy Which Wich Wednesday to all!

This lovely Wednesday, we decided to try one of the sandwiches from "Category 1: Turkey," the Turkeywich. Right from the start, the name calls out to the curious. What is a Turkeywich and why is it called the Turkeywich?

Like the name implies, this sandwich contains turkey. What makes it different is the fact that this sandwich comes with COLESLAW & 1000 ISLAND DRESSING. Just thinking about the cool feel of coleslaw brings to mind a mild Spring day, sitting out in a park, having a picnic on one of those red-and-white-checkered picnic blankets. We didn't bring our picnic blanket today, so office chairs had to make do.

Our Turkeywich consisted of the following (oh yeah, I totally just made a little fancy chart!):

As y'all may recall Aby is the "hands-on" wich scientist, so below you will find her experience, as observed and recorded by myself:

The Turkeywich before being enjoyed.

Upon first bite, Aby's first words: Mmmmm good. Juicy.

Aby took three bites of this creation before adding a bit more input: "What I added to it [the Turkeywich] was a good choice. It's crunchy."

Very fittingly concise, though kind of vague, right? Being the recording "scientist," I had to pry into Aby's taste experience to get a more elaborate answer and got a more detailed response:
This sandwich is spicy---probably because of the jalapenos, hot pepper mix, and pepper jack cheese---but very fresh. The coleslaw, cucumbers, and onions added a very clean and fresh sensation to the overall taste. (Very much like the spring picnic imagery above.) It's funny how one doesn't quite think about adding dressing to their sandwich, the 1000 Island dressing kind of brought the Turkeywich ingredients all together, and with every bite, you can feel the dressing embrace your teeth and tongue.
A note on the spicy factor: the pepper jack cheese added a little extra "kick" to this wich, and it was a perfect companion to the jalapenos and hot pepper mix. It should also be noted that if you're not a spicy foods fanatic, you probably shouldn't add this three-ingredient combination to your Turkeywich, because this spicy combination permeates throughout your mouth with every bite.
At the end of her sandwich, I asked Aby if this was a good sandwich (i.e. is it worth eating again?): "This was the perfect sandwich to start this project. Definitely one of my new favorites, and the onions add an 'oniony' taste to the meal." (Yes, I had to put that last sentence word-for-word---this is true Aby-speech. Never spoke such truer words.)


Final rating? 4 out of 5 wiches :)

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