Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Buffalo Chicken

Happy Which Wich Wednesday! We cannot believe we have reached the 4-week (1 month) mark! 4th week = Category 4: CHICKEN. Now, we can't deny it, we LOVE chicken. I, Euni, prefer it in tiny chunks/pieces, while Aby is less critical and open to all chicken-food-styles. But when it comes to sandwiches, bring on the chicken!

Under the CHICKEN category, Aby chose to take a jab at the Buffalo Chicken wich, which if you guessed right, has both chicken and buffalo sauce. In Aby's words, it's "like eating buffalo wings, but in a sandwich!" Let's get started and break this beautiful poultry wich:

The Buffalo Chicken---with lots of veggies!
The Buffalo Chicken in 5 Senses:

See: We didn't have our fancy camera this week (good job Aby!), but even with our subpar smartphone camera quality, the Buffalo Chicken looked DE-LICIOUS. Enjoy:
It's ALWAYS exciting to see how well-wrapped these wiches are.

First view of the Buffalo Chicken. So many veggies!

The cross-section shot is my FAVORITE shot to take of these wiches. No exception today!
Just to emphasize the greatness of this particular sandwich, we must discuss some of the ingredients Aby chose to complement the main (i.e. buffalo chicken) ingredients. Aby chose avocado (she loves avocado) and a lot of crunchy veggies: tomatoes, lettuce, bell peppers, and black olives (which, really are more crisp than crunchy, if at all, but you know what, they look really good in this sandwich). On the spicy end of things Aby dared to combine spicy ranch dressing with the jalapenos.

I'd like to point out that with every bite Aby took, I could see the spicy ranch showing itself---kind of like when you gently squeeze a sponge...and I'm losing the imagery and the audience's interest...whatever---it still looked cool!

Smell: {The following in Abyspeak:} "Smells like buffalo sauce...and hot and spicy aroma"---It was kind of a cayenne pepper/jalapeno/buffalo sauce blend, due to the spicy ingredients Aby chose for this wich. (Aby has a penchant for spicy foods.)

Feel: As I stated above, Aby felt that this was gonna be a good wich from the start, saying that the Buffalo Chicken would be "like eating buffalo wings, but in a sandwich!" More Abyspeak: "Juuuuuicy. Sauce is dripping down the sides of my mouth"---now before you imagine an absolute mess, this sandwich did a pretty good job of handling the "juicy" items; while some of the buffalo/spicy ranch blend did overflow from the wich, it was an adorable kind of surplus, not all over the place nor unpleasant. I wanted to get some perspective on the difference in meat choice (e.g. chicken vs. roast beef, chicken vs. ham, etc.), and Aby said, "The chicken is in slices in this sandwich. It feels so so soft. Way softer than roast beef!"

Taste: Aby took a contemplative first bite...and her first word (again), "Pica!"---I wanted her to elaborate---"You know like that Lousiana hot sauce (cayenne pepper) thingy, the devil sauce? And the jalapenos! And all these veggies can be felt throughout the sandwich!" I decided to inquire about the cheese she chose: {Abyspeak} "I chose provolone...perfect complement to the ranch/buffalo blend"---so...provolone was neither dominant nor submissive, eh? For all of you brave sandwich eaters, take note: the resulting spice blend from our Buffalo Chicken is not for the faint of heart; the blend "made [Aby] cough" at one point...BEFORE she even bit into it! This wich was definitely spicier than The Turkeywich!

Hear: Let's keep this fittingly concise: {Abyspeak:} "crispy crunch from the bread and lettuce." Uhmmmmhmmm!

In all, the Buffalo Chicken was GREAT. 10 points go to the Chicken Category. Of course, I had to ask, compared to The Cuban, what did Aby think (after all, The Cuban, so far, has been deemed king of the wiches in our little journey)? "Oh yeah, this sandwich is great, but it can't quite defeat The Cuban. And it's not quite up to the level of the BBP---but it's still AMAZING!"

Anyway, The Buffalo Chicken is a pretty damn good sandwich. Definitely worth another bite (or several...or in Abyspeak: *insert bitingsound here*)!


Oh, you wanna know the Final Rating? 4 out of 5 wiches! That's a pretty YUMMY rating, if you ask us!

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