Thursday, April 12, 2012

Which Wich Would You Like?

Hiya, everybody!

We are totally excited about starting this wonderful (and kind of quirky) sandwich journey. Who are we? Quite simply, we're just two sisters, in their 20s, curious enough to try all of Which Wich's sandwiches.

Really though, it's a little more complicated. We are in fact two sisters. Who work together. Who really like the Black Bean Patty sandwich at Which Wich. Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Euni (the younger sister)- She would like to say she has a distinguished and sophisticated taste for food, but really, she's just a picky eater. She likes to write, read, and study (mostly Economics or anything Paul Krugman-related). She's super witty (in her head), and might be the strangest person to get along with (but once you get to know her, you know it's a good thing to do so). Regarding this project, she will be the observer, interviewer, photographer, and recorder of the sandwich subjects.

Aby (the older sister)- She has bubbly personality and very friendly disposition. She tries---ahem, *tries*---to keep her eggplant-colored car clean, but you know how that goes...She likes to provide the comic relief in every serious or awkward situation. With regards to this project, she will be the "hands-on" food scientist...In other words, she's the one who will experience how tasty, or how *untasty* any given sandwich subject will be.

More details about The Which Wich Project itself can be found at the top of this blog---read the tabs, folks! We hope you will join us on our sandwich journey!



  1. Excellent. Looking forward to the updates. I just completed my menu blackout at Which Wich today, coincidentally!

  2. Nice work on the background! I've never eaten at Which Wich, although I have been inside one... The restaurant, that is, not the sandwich.

  3. We are totally excited about this project, and I hope y'all enjoy our journey! (Thanks for the background compliment, Woody!) :)

  4. Why do you not have an RSS feed setup? This is pretty cool. I'm about to go eat here for the second time ever- the first sandwich was great