Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Black Bean Patty

Well, well, well, happy Which Wich Wednesday!!! I do apologize to all you sandwich enthusiasts---Aby and I missed last week's wich due to scheduling conflicts. HOWEVER, we are here today (a little late, I admit) and we decided to share our FAVORITE sandwich ever: the BLACK BEAN PATTY.

Oh yes, the BBP is, as far as we know---though the Cuban might be a mighty and worthy contender, the BEST sandwich on Which Wich's menu. (A note before you go on with this post: one might say we're a little biased toward this particular wich, but seriously, you should totally try this celestial combination of veggie-goodness more commonly known as the BBP wich.)....(Yup, I gave this beautiful sandwich an abbreviation.)

So---I hope you forgive me for this---I'm completely deviating from the usual "Wich in 5 Senses" tour, and let me just share the too-good-for-words-goodness that this sandwich is. (The BBP is so perfect I used "good-" twice in one sentence.) FEAST YOUR EYES, MY FRIENDS, ON THE BBP:

Oh don't tease us, BBP. Even in modest foil, you look amazing.

Cue the angelic trumpet fanfare.

Aby's version of the BBP. Those black olives are getting a little ahead of themselves.

The famous cross-section pose. What did I tell you about those olives!?

Pictures are good and all, but what is this sandwich really like? How does it feel against your teeth, you ask? BBP is just awesome. I, personally, enjoy my BBP with: mozzarella cheese, lettuce, cucumbers, mushrooms, and crushed red pepper---on toasted wheat of course. Yes, I prefer a wich devoid of dressings and spreads---I'm a purist of sorts.

Aby's BBP (after all, she is the more notable sandwich connoisseur)? Let's break it down:

Aby's BBP. I know, lots of ingredients!

I recall the first time I had the BBP. The concept of having black beans contribute to a vegetarian deceiving patty was quite foreign to me. I don't eat meat, you know, so I was a little uneasy about eating something that aspired to look like a "burger" patty.

On first bite, all of my assumptions were proven wrong. A slightly spicy/tangy taste embraced my tongue---and when I say slightly, I mean truly whispering-ly faint---and the fresh crisp crunch of the perfectly round cucumbers was a surprisingly wonderful complement. Don't even get me started on the mozzarella and crushed red peppers: normally thought of being only pizza items, I was truly blown away by their contribution to the overall BBP taste. Tasty.

Oops, I guess I should've shared Aby's reaction to the BBP, but honestly, this particular sandwich is my specialty in the Which Wich menu; I urge y'all to go out and try this amazing sandwich. By the way, the Black Bean Patty is found in "Category 6: Vegetarian"---I know, we kind of skipped over "Category 5: Seafood," but it was because Aby wasn't exactly mentally prepared to undertake any of the wiches under that category...I'll be sure to take lots of pictures when she tries her first seafood wich, for the sake of everyone's entertainment---I mean, for the sake of the Which Wich Project!!! ;)

Yup, this review was pretty winding, rambling, and way too undisciplined, but hey, the Black Bean Patty was (and continues to be) the most perfect sandwich ever. Sorry Cuban, but you're still cool!


Do I really need to say it? The Final Rating, is, of course:

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  1. Last sandwhich review..... nooooooooooooooo. This blog is untouched by spam, so pristine and yet so abandoned... good luck on your which wich journeys everyone! I just tried to google a review for their cheesesteak, I don't think they still do the cheese whiz!