About A Wich

There comes a time in your life when you need to explore and experiment with certain things, either because you are curious or passionate about these things (alright, maybe it's a little of both). For us, the time is right to explore our favorite sandwich shop, Which Wich, more deeply and thoroughly, and see what interesting surprises arise from this sandwich adventure.

What's Which Wich? I really hope you're not asking that question. If you have stumbled upon this project and have never heard of this marvelous sandwich shop, I am very very sorry. Hopefully this little sandwich experiment will provide a glimpse at the awesomeness of this sandwich shop. And maybe you'll be curious to try at least one or two of their sandwiches. Or maybe this project will motivate you to explore something you really like, or go on an impromptu road trip or something spontaneous.

Or maybe, all this talk about sandwiches will make you hungry. Enjoy :)